everyday spirit

Mantras, spiritual practices, spells, rituals.

My everyday life, sanctified. Gratitude and beauty, mingled like incense with music, color, food, healing, the energy of relationships.

I’ve found the path of my natural alignment. Poetry is prayer is living is how we stay alive.

I’m leaving a lot behind, “bit by bit as the moon releases the night-entangled trees.” Directing my energy and my work centripetally. Moving with the flow life, letting my flexibility keep me centered.

I wanted to say something, even if it isn’t quite understood. Even if its misapplied.

Say that I’m not just changing, I’m transfiguring. Letting go of so many past strands tangling my thoughts, my heart.

I am sorry for hurts I’ve perpetuated, for my prejudices, blockages, meanesses throughout the years. There’s no self blame here, just an impulse to send this energy outward of forgiveness and starting over.

Starting over will manifest in tangible ways for me, but those are only possible through spiritual realignment. As Laverne Cox said (approximately) in her interview with Self, “I’ve had these physical changes so that y’all could recognize my spirit.”

Releasing faith from tightly wound dogma.

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